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The pursuit of purity and how we get there

We will be sharing our unique process... coming soon.


Plant extracts are formulated for safety and effectiveness

Our active and essential ingredients are researched and formulated to perform at their optimum. Each ingredient undergoes rigorous safety and purity testing before being approved for use.

Plant extracts are tested with integrity for safety and effectiveness.

No animal testing, ever. Rigorous safety testing does not require testing on our animal friends. We are all in this together, animals play an important role in this world and are to be respected and cared for. We use organic where possible, wildcrafted when available and support sustainable farming to ensure the balance of natural resources.

Carefully selected, organic, wildcrafted and tested for purity.

Lynn Christopher Skin Care is committed to product safety. Organic, wildcrafted sustainable ingredients that you can trust.

Artisan, small batch philosophy.

Our small batch approach gives you fresh ingredients at the highest potency.   From our workshop to your skin, handcrafted with love.