Meet Lynn

Early beginnings

My story is laced with so many blessings and just as many difficulties. Every little event has helped to shape the woman I am now, and am continuing to become. We all can be so many things during our lifetime, so much to fill our days. What has brought me to this remarkable place in my life was the life changing event that nearly left me without the vision that I depended upon. I have been a visual artist my entire career, working as a designer for film and television in Hollywood for 33 years. My life changed when my eye underwent 7 surgeries to repair what was left of a very damaged retina. That was the end of my career. From one day to the next my life had changed, and I was not prepared for any of it. I turned to my studio, began sculpting as a way to continue the drive to create, which has been a wonderful and challenging journey of self realization. 

The search for something better

Something curious began to happen. Feeling the urge to create my own lotion, I began researching the possibilities using available herbs and oils. Everything flooded in. My enthusiasm for all of the possibilities for healthy skin care quickly bloomed into a passionate search for unique ingredients. I was on fire! Nature has given us an amazing array of natural resources that, when combined with understanding, provide benefits that are remarkable, and sometimes a bit surprising. You see, I believe from the bottom of my heart that nature is perfect. I want to honor that. I create skin care that gives nature a way to show us just how truly amazing it really is. I am thrilled to be able to work with such exquisite ingredients that are what we need. My surgeon informed me that I cannot have any more surgeries. NONE. That means no corrective anything. You better believe that in the interest of looking my best for as long as I can, that I am committed to find a natural way to keep my skin looking as vital, healthy and beautiful as I can. This is a very personal journey, and I am honored to share it with you. I will give you my best, that is my promise.